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5 Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins

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Are you looking for the best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins?

Images can slow down your website and slow loading site cannot grow in search engine rankings. But you can’t ignore images. Images are essentials for your blog so you just cannot ignore images for in the name of performance. To get both benefits images as well performance on your blog, you can use some image compression tools and WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins.

To get the perfect of each world, you should use a WordPress image optimizer plugin to optimize pictures so that they take up an approach much less webspace. If you use the best source to optimize your images then your website still loads fast.

To improve your website performance, Ranking, User interaction you must install and activate WordPress picture compression plugins. Ignoring WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins means ignoring your website search performance. So WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins is the most essential plugin for your website.

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The top 5 best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins

1. Imagify:

Image Optimizer Plugins
Imagify Image Compressor

Imagify WordPress Image Compress plugin has the best-looking Settings module on this record. Its functions have been broken down into different sections like General Settings, Optimization, and Display Options, with just one web page to handle all these settings. You can use completely different picture compression features like an Aggressive optimization setting. You can even go along with Normal (lossless) and Ultra (extra lossy). So, you could compress your pictures extra, or much less, If you’re apprehensive about high quality.

2. Smush:

Smush is one of the award winning best image optimization plugin tools for WordPress developed by WPMU DEV. It routinely compresses pictures on add and can be used to compress and optimize your older picture records data. You may also set the most picture decision, and your pictures will scale down to extra cheap sizes whereas being compressed.

It provides features like Lossless Compression, Lazy load, Image resizing, automated optimization, bulk smush and many many more features.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer:

EWWW WordPress Image Optimizer plugin is also very popular and easy to use. It automatically optimize images when you upload any. This plugin is capable to compress images that you have already uploaded on your website.

It performs all compression by yourself servers which imply you don’t want to enroll in an account to get an API key. It may also optimize photos generated by different WordPress plugins and saved exterior your media library folders. It doesn’t require an account to make use of the plugin, however, you’ll be able to join their API to get further options.

It provides many features like: High torque, No speed limit i.e unlimited file size, Smooth handling, adaptive steering, seft first and many more.

4. Short Pixel:

Short Pixel WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin
Short Pixel

The ShortPixel WordPress Image Optimizer plugin installs immediately into your WordPress site Dashboard. All of your photos shall be robotically processed. You can configure the ShortPixel plugin to compress previous photos and optimize your web site’s historical past as well.

It begins compressing your website’s pictures as quickly you activate the plugin. It additionally permits you to evaluate the unique file with the compressed model to see the standard distinction. ShortPixel is filled with superior options and provides you the power to decide on comparability codecs.

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5. WP Compress:

WP Compress Image optimizer WordPress Plugin

WP Compress is a recently launched WordPress picture compression plugin that provides a beneficial pricing construction and a well-designed interface.

  • It provides three different compression ranges – two lossy and one lossless.
  • Automatically resize picture dimensions.
  • Automatically compress pictures while uploading on your WordPress and bulk compress older pictures.
  • any many more.
What are the best WordPress Image compression plugins?

What are the best WordPress Image compression plugins?

The best WordPress Picture compression plugins are as follows:
1. Imagify
2. Smush
3. EWWW Image Optimizer
4. ShortPixel
5. WP Compress

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