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Top best free wordpress themes- AdSense friendly and responsive in 2020

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Top best free wordpress themes available for download

Top best free wordpress themes

As your website’s foundation, responsive, AdSense friendly, clear UI theme always played a vital role in how fast your website can be loads. Developing a website from scratch takes much time and huge money investment. Now we have a great platform like WordPress. We can easily set up our website without any prior knowledge of coding. We can use premium looking WordPress themes. If you can afford to purchase paid themes having full features. Free themes are not that bad. In this article, we are going to look top free WordPress templates, Responsive WordPress Themes, Adsense friendly WordPress themes, Fast loading themes, and many more.

Speed also plays a vital role to rank websites in search engines. If your site takes a long time to load contents in your visitor will be going to click on the back button of the browser and, it just increases the bounce rate of your website. Also, if your WordPress theme is not AdSense friendly, you cannot place your ads properly on your website. Otherwise, it will look messy. In today’s generation responsiveness of website comes before than anything. Maximum users visit your site using a mobile phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly responsive then definitely you’re going to lose your precious organic traffics. So first of all you have to find best wordpress themes for your website.

So now let’s get started. Are you guys excited?

Some Fastest and responsive top best free wordpress themes

1. Astra

Astra is a very fast, responsive, and customizable super lightweight WordPress theme. It is one of the world’s Top best free wordpress themes. You can use either a paid or free version of the Astra theme. Astra’s size is less than 50KB on the front-end and offers uncompromisable speed. It is a native AMP-ready theme so, search engines will love your website. Astra is WooCommerce ready theme so, you can make any kind of website using this theme.

Astra theme

2. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is lightweight fastest WordPress theme. This theme is built with a focus on performance, speed, usability. Speed is important to us so this theme is absolutely made for you. This theme is under 30 KB of size. It has no dependencies, generally it is built to perform really awesome. It is fully responsive, includes WooCommerce.

Top best free wordpress themes
GeneratePress Theme

3. Twenty Nineteen

Twenty Nineteen is a WordPress default theme. It is designed to show the power of the block editor. This theme is pretty looking free WordPress default theme. This theme has less than 70 KB in size and load time is about 1.379 seconds. This design is adaptable with a wide range of sites like blog, photo-blog, launching a new business, and many more.

Twenty Nineteen WordPress Theme
Twenty Nineteen

Now let’s talk about AdSense optimised WordPress themes.

AdSense optimised WordPress themes.

4. Vmag

Vmag is Ad space ready free WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for online magazine, Blog, Newspapers. This theme is perfectly developed that allows you to customized easily with live preview. Major features of Vmag is: It has Modern and Elegant design, Ad slots are ready, Cross-browser compatible, responsive and beautiful sliders.

Top best free wordpress themes
Vmag WordPress Theme

5. AccessPress Mag

AccessPress Mag is clean AdSense optimised WordPress theme. It is fully responsive which is adoptive with all device sizes from small to large. This theme is special solution for professional bloggers, Designers and others who want strong online presence all over the world. This theme has multiple layouts, Beautiful pages, social medias integrated and beautiful commenting systems.

Top best free wordpress themes
AccessPress Mag

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