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How to start a blog in 2022 and start to earn money from home

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Are you guys ready to learn How to start a blog?

I suggest you should start your blogging career. If you are interested and willing to start a new blogging career, then I can tell you that this is the best decision you have ever made. Starting a blog in 2022 is not a big deal. You can start in just few hours or I would like to say in few minutes.

I know starting a blogging career seems confusing to you but believe me if you got success in this field then you can earn thousands of dollars in every single day. I am not ashamed to admit that when I was started my blogging career, I made many mistakes everyday. I believe that Making mistakes is the best lesson to learn something new in your life. If you are really want to know how to start a blog and your blogging career then you must read this article very carefully. In this post I’m going to share most important key factors and methods that will give all of the your questions answer for how to start a blog in 2022.

What is a blog? How to start a blog?

In brief, a blog is a kind of web site that focuses primarily on written content material, often known as blog posts. In the fashionable tradition, we most frequently hear about information blogs or movie star/celebrities blog websites, however as you’ll see on this information, you can begin a profitable blog career on nearly any subject possible. Bloggers typically write from a private perspective that permits them to attach instantly with their readers. In addition, most blogs even have a “comments” part of the place guests can correspond with the blogger.

Interacting along with your guests within the feedback part helps to add the connection between the blogger and the reader. This direct connection to the reader is likely one of the essential advantages of beginning a blogging career. This connection means that you can work together and share concepts with different like-minded folks. It additionally means that you can construct belief along with your readers. Having the belief and loyalty of your readers additionally opens up the door to creating wealth out of your weblog, which is one thing I focus on later on this information.

Should you start a blog?

There are many misconception about starting a blog that is you should be a great content writer to be successful. In reality it’s not really true. Many bloggers write in informal or conversational style. Peoples are curious tohow to start a blog and getting confused on this type of rumos. Peoples read blog to gain some knowledge and information what they want.

In addition, you don’t need to be skilled in order to start your blogging career. The more you learn more you understand to have a profitable blog. So you must focused on how to start a blog? So, let’s move on how to start a cool blog.

Why would you should bear the trouble of blogging?

Well there are many reason that you should enjoy the trouble of blogging. If you really with to enjoy the trouble then you can continue :). I have listed few benefits that you will get after starting a blogging career.

  • Make a lots of money from home
  • Find a better community
  • Establish of yourself or your business
  • Share stories and many more.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blogging career in 2022 is not a big problem. You can easily start you blogging journey by following few simple steps. let’s take the first step on How to start a blog.

Pick a niche for your blog

Are you still interest on how to start a blog? If yes then lets get started. This is our first official steps on How to start a blog.

Choosing the niche is the most crucial steps to start your blogging career. In a simple word the niche is the type of category of your blog. If you are passionate in some field like tech, food, health choose wisely. Because if you choose wrong niche and you don’t know that how this field work then you can’t create any valuable content and you will definitely going to leave your blogging career.

95% of peoples left blogging career because of they choose wrong field that they are not interest. So please never choose any niche that you are not interested in.

Buy Best Fast and Reliable Hosting in cheap price

But the real query is How to decide on a niche?

To grow to be a profitable blogger, you should select the area of interest in which you’ll simply compile information and write content.
So select the area of interest by which you’re the comfiest or you will have deep knowledge about that area of interest. You have to offer unique, informative, and recent content material to your readers so as to interact with your content material. So selecting the area of interest of your curiosity and sharing your personal viewpoint will assist you to distinguish your website from the competitors.

You must give attention to two components which might be profitability and your passion to outline your area of interest. These two components should align along with your area of interest. If you’re selecting a distinct segment by which you’re delighted with although it doesn’t have sufficient potential to generate earnings then unquestionably you’ll meet failure. Similarly, in case you are selecting an area of interest simply because there’s huge income potential and never having any curiosity that will even lead you to failure.

If you are really dedicated and want to some passive income then you should consider following factors.


  • You must check whether you can make money from that or not.
  • Check that niche does have enough affiliate program has or not.
  • Check search volume of that niche on different search engines, especially on google search engine.
  • Research on other blogs to analyze success rate


  • Your interest on particular niche
  • Ability to share articles on different topics
  • Time management and dedication

Register a good domain name

Now we have reached on second step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

Finding the domain name for your blog is not a big task. However, you could select a good blog title as later it will be your brand name. If you already discovered your blog domain name, you can skip this step and move to the next step. If not, let me show you how to discover a domain name for your website.

Domain Name – A domain name is an identification of you and your brand/blog that helps the visitors to enter your website. It is a URL that customers will enter your website through. So, the query is What issues could you think about earlier than registering a domain for your website?
Here are the top 5 suggestions so that you can discover a domain name for your very first website.

Use Keywords: Whenever selecting a domain name for your website, you must try to keep key-phrases within the domain name. It will assist your website visitors to know the nice of your website, and at a similar time, it can additionally assist in search engine optimization.
Keep it Short & Simple: Always preserve your domain name easy & quick as a result of it is going to be simple to pronounce & simple to remember in the future.

Do not Use Numbers: Avoid utilizing numbers in your domain name, as it can look unprofessional. It’s also not simple to remember the numbers that are included in the domain name.

Use TLD Extensions: Use a top-level domain name like .com, .net, .xyz, .tech, .blog in your website, .com is most preferable. If you wish to rank your website in a specific nation then use the nation extension.

Use a Decent Name: Use a good domain name for your website. It should sound good and simple to remember to your visitors.
Follow the above tricks to register an excellent domain name for your very first website.

Purchase good web hosting

Now we have reached on third step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

Hosting is a place where all of your website data saved. It will get your blog online over the internet world. It is must important to select an excellent website hosting for your very first website. There are 1000’s hosting choices accessible. However, I extremely suggest making use of a very cheap and reliable hosting company.

Under 10 USD per year you will get

  • Unlimited Email, Bandwidth, Storage
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Daily backup
  • Standard Cpanel
  • Free SSL
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • 2GB physical memory
How to start a blog in 2022 and start to earn money from home
Hosting features

Do buy domain and hosting in very cheap price, then click here or above buttons and sign up then choose plans unlimited hosting under 10 USD and 25 USD per annum..

Setup and customize your blog on WordPress

Now we have reached on fourth step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

So are you curious about how to start a blog in wordpress? then lets get started

Now in this step we will lean how you can host your website using WordPress on hosting that you have previously purchased.

Please watch this video to install your WordPress blog site from cPanel

Setup WordPress from cPanel

After installing WordPress Login to your dashboard and install beautiful theme for your website. If you don’t know how to install WordPress theme then you can follow this video instructions

How to install Theme in WordPress

I hope till now you have got plenty idea on How to start a blog. How to start a blog is the most common questions for absolute beginner. Today in this blog you will get full idea on How to start a blog.

Install essentials plugins

Now we have reached on fifth step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available. Difficult to know which one will make a real difference or overhyped. There are a few useful plugins that you need to have on your WordPress site. Today we will list out Top 10 best WordPress Plugins for you. No matter which niche it belongs to, what kind of website you are running. There is a certain WordPress plugin that you must have on your website.

Today in this article, I’m going to list out Top 10 must have WordPress plugins for you and will try to cover all the major points that you need to know. This list includes all Top free WordPress plugin. Also, you can go with a premium plan.

1. Yoast SEO
Top free WordPress plugin yoast seo

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins in WordPress. We found this plugin falls under Top 10 best WordPress Plugins. It is easy to use and helps you to improve your website’s SEO. Also, it can scan your content readability. Yoast helps millions of websites around the globe for search engine optimization and ranking on search engines. You can write killer content with Yoast. It gives you many features like SEO Analysis, readability analysis also its snippet preview that shows you how your content or page will look in the search results. Ability to optimize your content with synonyms and related keywords, internal linking suggestions.

Top free WordPress plugin Top 10 best WordPress Plugins
yoast seo analysis report
2. iThemes Security
ithemes security Top 10 best WordPress Plugins
iThemes Security

iThemes Security the most popular WordPress security plugin ever. It gives you more than 30 ways to keep secure your WordPress site. It has more than 1 million+ active installations. Security check, 404 detections, Away Mode, Network brute force protection, Local brute force protection, force SSL are major free features of iThemes Security. If you go with the pro version and you will get even more advanced features like Two-Factor Authentication, Google reCaptcha, Site malware scan scheduling, and many more. It prevents brute force attacks on your site by banning users or hosts with too many invalid login attempts. Provide force SSL on admin as well as post page on supportive servers.  

3. WP Rocket
WP rocket plugin Top 10 best WordPress Plugins
WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that is used to optimizing WordPress over a one million-plus website. This plugin falls under our Top 10 best WordPress Plugins selection. WP Rocket offers fast and easy installation. Web page caching to improve your website’s load speed. It’s also caching preloading that helps you to improve your site’s SEO performance (so we can include it as SEO plugin as well), optimize database, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, google fonts optimizations will help to make only fewer HTTP requests. Also, it provides a Lazy Loading feature. If you are interested in its official documentation click here.

I have already written on the most essential plugins for WordPress please visit:

Top 10 best WordPress Plugins

Start writing your blog posts

Now we have reached on sixth step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

Keep in realizing that being an excellent blogger is not all about writing articles on your blog. You additionally have to learn different blogs to remain knowledgeable on how you can get new concepts for your blog. You could go to different blogs and see they have a very cool plugin that you want on your website. Usually, you may ask the blogger instantly. They are going to let you know all about it. Good way to enhance the setup of your WordPress site whereas additionally making connections within the running a blog neighborhood.

I can’t emphasize enough that the steps I have already proven you might be greater than enough. You have to make extra adjustments sooner or later. However, do not get hung-up on considering that all the pieces must be well earlier than you begin running a blog.

Now, Before continuing this stage, I wish to congratulate you that you have got efficiently arrange your very first blog website. Now, this is the time to create some posts on your website.
To create your first post, you first need to go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New.

Now, I will share some proven ideas that help you to write articles.

  • You can begin with focused key-phrase(Keywords) analysis. Do some research in your area of interest and discover keywords which might be straightforward to rank your website. As your website is new, you can begin with long-tail key phrases result of they are easy to rank your site. 
  • Then, make an excellent title on your published content, use of numbers, and power of emotions. Always try to include your focused keyword on your post title. It helps in Website positioning. 
  • Now, write content focusing on your focused keyword. Provide as a lot of in-depth data as you’ll be able to. A complete article engages your reader more.
  • Check on-page SEO techniques. If you want to improve your article quality, then read my On-page SEO techniques article. 
  • Make sure to add some non-copyright pictures in your article. You can create your images for your articles by using any software. You may also go to websites similar to Pexels, Pixabay, or Unsplash to obtain non-copyright pictures for your website. 
  • Make your content material private to interact extra together with your readers. 

Most powerful On-page SEO techniques. Boost your traffics even more.

Promote your blog

Now we have reached on seventh step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

Promoting website content is the place I see the large majority of bloggers fail. There are a lot of bloggers on the market that nobody has ever discovered. They have failed just because they do not know the proper way to promote their blog content. The tip I may give you about your articles is not to be shy about telling folks about your blog, your efforts on your blog. I have heard from many bloggers who inform me that they do not promote their website just because it does not feel it’s worthy of promotion.

Many bloggers state issues like I do not have enough posts yet. or I need to work on my site design first Please never do that to yourself! If you have put your effort within the time to set up an ideal website and with nice content, then it’s crucial to inform folks about it. Be pleased with the work you have done. So, how do you promote your blog content? Well, it seems to be the simple strategies of promotion are free!

Follow simplest techniques to promote your blog
  • Sharing in social networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Commenting to other blog with your website article link
  • Guest Posting
  • Link to other blogs
  • Sharing on online forums

If you want to learn on above points the click the given link

Best way to Increase website traffic

We know we have achieved all knowledge on How to start a blog, how to start a blog in 2022, how to start a cool blog so far.

Start making money from your blog

Now we have reached on eighth step on How to start a blog. so let’s get started

Making money is the most important part in our life. Making money will take some time like if you have started a new business it takes few time to grow and make profit. Like that blog will take some time to start earning. There are many way to earn money from your blog. Some of them are

  • Ad Networks like Google AdSense, Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand promotion, Sponsorship
  • Selling courses
  • Offer services

How to earn money by affiliate Marketing

How to earn money by Google Adsense

There are more ways to make money online please follow below article

How to earn money online / Working from home

I hope you like this article on how to start a blog and how to make money online. If you have any comment regarding this topic and post please leave your comment.

If you think this article is helpful then please share this with your friends.

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Happy blogging 🙂

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