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How To Install Free SSL Certificate On The Website – Let’s Encrypt

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Install Free SSL Certificate

Install free SSL certification on your website for free.

Install Free SSL Certificate | Security Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that helps to create encryption between browsers and web servers. SSL ensures all the data remains encrypted and confidential. It is necessary to install SSL because of illegal activities are being increased these days on every kind of websites. It is most necessary for a membership website and transnational websites. You can install free SSL on your website easily. In this article, we will learn to install free SSL certification on your website/blog.

SSL is also playing a major role to impress Google and other search engines. That means if you have SSL installed on your website search engines will automatically push your blog to higher ranks. You can improve your website security using an SSL certificate. But SSL certificates can be expensive for you. If you don’t know how to get the best free SSL then we will show you the way to get the best free SSL for your websites.

There are many free SSL certificates providers around the world. In this article, we will focus on Let’s Encrypt SSL provider, which is one of the best free SSL providers. However, will try to list some of the top-rated free SSL providers lists.

Some list of top free SSL providers

Ok, now let’s start encrypting your website using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. To install SSL on your website, It depends on where you have hosted your website. In the case of the blogger website, you can enable SSL from the setting of the blogger dashboard, and you don’t have to install additional certificates for blogger sites. Also, if you are using web hosting, you may have already this feature on your Cpanel. In this case, you can enable from your Cpanel just in one click. You can confirm if you have this option from your hosting provider.

Steps to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on your WordPress website.

Let’s Encrypt installation process

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