Event blogging and its benefit and How to Select the best event

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Event blogging and its benefit | How to Select the best event

Event blogging and its benefit | Hello guys, are you interested in event blogging? and want to know about event blogging and also want to make money by event blogging? so now are you ready for event blogging if yes let’s begin.


Event blogging and its benefit
Event blogging and its benefit

So what is event blogging? 

 Event blogging is that type of blog which target some event to write articles and this type of blogs are focusing on upcoming events, festival or we can say special day like Birthday, Wedding anniversary, etc. Event blogging is short term blog that is specially made for huge traffic in a short time. That means events are short term so you have to work on it only for  30 or 40 days.

Choosing Event:
There are lots of events in the world and that is searched over the internet through search engines. You can just select some most popular events and start blogging. I have listed some of the popular event lists below.

Holidays: Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Dashain, Tihar, etc. you can write quotes for these events to make a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Sports: Fifa World Cup, IPL, NPL,  wrestle mania, Football leagues, Olympic, etc.

How to choose a blogging platform?

 There is some popular blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla. You can choose any of them. If you are new in blogging I would like you suggest you must use Blogger. Starting blogging with blogger or Blogspot is a lot easier and user friendly. You can just choose a domain name and install a simple template on blogger and you are ready for blogging. WordPress is also easy to use you have to just install theme here also but if you have the knowledge you can start with WordPress because WordPress required hosting and domain so you have to spend some money for it and managing Plug-In in WordPress is not easy.

Make money from the blog. How to start a blog.

I will provide some easy steps to start event blogging. You can follow these steps for better results.

Tips for event blogging

  • Select Event:  First select event before starting blogging. You can select any event according to your interest. for example Football league
  • Create your Blog: After selecting you can just create a blog from Blogger, Joomla, or WordPress.
  • Register domain: Now comes the most important part of event blogging. You have to register the domain names relating to your event. For example LaligaFootball.com
  • Selection of keyword: Keywords are the most important part of search engine queries. If you don’t have maintained keywords perfectly that effect for SEO. If you don’t know About SEO simply click here for more advanced details about SEO click here.    
  • Content: Just creating a blog is not enough. You have to write articles, quotes reacting to your blog event. You must write your own unique content for  SEO and copied content will affect your AdSense account you can say monetization.  
  • Optimization: Optimizing your blog and contents help you to rank your blog in search engine.
  • Monetization: The last stage in event blogging. You have to apply AdSense for approval to make money with advertisement also you can apply affiliated marketing to monetize your blog

If you have any queries regarding event blogging you can frequently ask. Please feel free to post your comment in the comment section.

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Brilliant article! Clear and to the point! Thank you for writing this.