How to rank in google search – Best SEO practice

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How to rank in google search  | Hello, friends hope you all doing great. Today I am back with another article which will help you to rank your website on google search engine faster. Almost 80% of users using the google search engine and rest 20% using Bing, Yahoo and another searching engine. So this is most important to rank up your website on google search.

How to rank in google search

There are lot’s of step you have to follow strictly to rank your website. If you don’t follow or ignore the importance of it this will provide bad result for your website ranking.

  • Relevant content  
  • Regularity
  • MetaData
  • Backlinks
  • Knowledge about google searching algorithm
  • Mobile friendly
  • Research of Keywords
  • Fix current penalties 

These all are the mostly important or you can say it is basic to rank your website. let me explain briefly above points.

  • Relevant content:

Quality content is one of the most important key-point to rank your website. If your website contains lots of relevant content that means content which is focused on single domain for example in this blog we are posting only related to Technology. You can choose any domain for your website or blog. Choose your content domain with your true passion and knowledge.

  • Regularity:

You have to update your blog regularly. Search engine algorithms are every complex and it also looks for regular updating sites. If you don’t update your blog with new contents this may cause problem in search engine. So you must update new content regularly.

  •  Meta Data:   

During development of your website each page contains metadata and you can put your metadata between tag.  we can say metadata is information about your website.
Basically there are 3 main important meta-type

  1. Title metadata: This is responsible to show page titles which are displayed on the top of page or browser. 
  2. Description metadata: This type of metadata is responsible to show details about your site and also responsible to list your site on the search list. A good meta description will be able to impress visitors.
  3. keyword metadata: Keyword metadata plays a very important role to rank your website on any search engine. If you have good keyword and knowledge about keyword this will give the best result for your site for ranking on #1

  • Back-links

You can generate backlinks for your website. Being referred by another website will result in search engine to rank your website. Google search algorithm thinks your website has lots of good content and many useful contents and google will automatically increase your rank. You can also mention related post links to your content. This will increase you visibility duration for your website.

  • Knowledge about google searching algorithm

To rank your website on google search engine then you must need to have good understanding of google searching algorithm. such as mobile-friendly algorithm, Panda, Pigeon, Penguin, Hummingbird and etc. We will discuss about this algorithms briefly in next article because if we try to explain in this content this will be lengthy so stay connected with us. 

  • Mobile friendly

This is the most important part of your website to rank on the search engine. If your website does not support mobile or it doesn’t have mobile-friendly environment google will automatically decrease your searching result so your website must be mobile-friendly.

  • Research of Keywords

Keywords play a vital role to rank your website to the top of the search engine. So if you have a website and you want to rank your website on the top of the google search then you must research on good keywords. You must research new keywords regularly to rank your website. Don’t select the keyword which is not relevant to your website content. Keywords are must be relevant to your contents. 

  • Fix current penalties 

If your website has a bug or some errors on your website you must diagnosis it and fix it. Because bugs impact bad result on google ranking.

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