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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization and how SEO works?

If you are familiar with blogging and interested in Web application I’m you already heard the term SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The main purpose of  SEO to get high and genuine traffics to your website. In today’s date, almost every organizations and maximum people’s owns their website and they also want to earn money from websites with the help of AdSense and other Ad service providers.
SEO helps you to get generic, Organic, free and natural result on a search engine such as Google search engine, Yahoo, Bing. All major search engine want to provide the most relevant posts to their users that’s why we must use SEO on our website, This will help you to rank your websites in the ranking. Many researchers found top-ranked websites get maximum visitors from search engine.

You can also be able to earn money from your website because if you have natural visitors on your site and you have running Ads on your website definitely you will be able to make more money than you expected.

There are many ways to rank up your websites, If you follow my following tips I’m sure you will be top in rank if you don’t give up and continue to your work.

Tips to rank on google

1) Target Market Analysis
2) Keyword Research 
3)Content Optimization
4) Regular Testing

1) Target Market Analysis:- If you want to get success in blogging or ranking your website at higher level you must first target which domain filed is in trending and getting most visitors. First, find all this knowledge and start your business because without knowing your business risk success chances you cannot set success that easily.

2) Keyword Research:- Keywords are the main key to get success. If you choose good and relevant keywords for your website this will help to rank your website rapidly. In this step you must analysis and evaluate keywords, develop new keywords, Select keywords goal and Objectives base. You must choose keywords which is related to your post or your website  

3)Content Optimization:- you must Place strategic search phrases on pages. You must choose key-word based titles for your post. If you posted an article related to Technology and placed title lie “How to cook egg curry” this will decrease your visitor so first of all you must choose a content related title for your article. You need to use meta description tags to increase more traffics. You can Develop Sitemaps and place your website to google webmaster for better result

4) Regular Testing:- If your site not ranking just don’t lose your concentration to your work you must keep trying and needs some time to get rank. you must regular analyze search engine ranking, web-traffic strategy and build a new technique for improvement. Search results are changing daily and rapidly you must keep testing your keywords, meta tags regularly.

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