How to Start Blog and earn for free

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How to Start Blog and earn for free

How to Start Blog | Hello guys, warmly welcome to StudyWholeNight. Today in this article I am going to teach you to create a free blog. If you are really interested to run your own blog and want to make money with blogger you came to the right place so let’s start.

To create a blog first create a Gmail account then enter on the top of your web browser. Just like this.

How to Start Blog

Now the second step is you have to choose the blog title and then choose your desirable sub-domain name or your can buy a top-level domain. The top-level domain will help you to rank in search engine and helps to  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) easily. SEO is very important without traffic or visitor your hard work and your investment will be useless.
How to Start Blog

Now click on create blog.
Now, your blog is ready your dashboard will look like this

blogger dashboard

and your front-end i.e the part which will be visible to your visitor looks like this.

user view port

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