How to get free hosting and domain for your first website

How to get free hosting and domain

How to get free hosting and domain | Hello guys welcome to StudyWholeNight. Today in this article we will discuss free hosting and domain registration. This is 21st and having own website will increase your personality and website will let everybody know about you and your business. That’s why websites are most important for these days. Having website is more important for any business organizations to promote their business. If someone asked their website link that moment will be embarrassment for the owner.

So, without delay lets get started.

To get free domain there is only one popular website that is  First visit this website to register your first free domain and you will get the interface like this:

The first signup your account and login  Now search for your wanted domain name availability.

Now select any format of a domain that you want and now you can checkout after registering and after successfully registering to verify your account and you can log in now complete your order.

Now select for the 12-month free package and click on continue. Now your domain is registered and for free hosting you can just visit For best free hosting site.

Also here is some more extra list about free hosting provider: