Top 10 free website speed testing tools in 2020

Free SEO tools to check your website speed

website speed testing tools | Website speed is one of the critical and most important SEO ranking factors to succeed. So, testing the website speed regularly is an ideal way to know the defects of the website and improve the user experience whenever required.

Web page load time has become one of the major challenges for the blogger, business, and also for the personal website owner.

So, willing to test your website speed?


Amazing free tools to check your website speed

free website speed testing tool 2020
Amazing top 10 free website speed testing tools

Here are the top 10 free tools to test your website speed in 2020:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the most popular website speed testing tool remark your website on a scale of 1-100. If your website is well optimized then you will get a higher number. The number of more than 60 means the website is doing well.

Google PageSpeed Insights testing tool facilitates you with both desktop and mobile version report of your website. Also, you can check the recommendation to progress in the minify CSS, JavaScript, or optimize images.


  •         Optimize your webpage automatically
  •         Install PageSpeed module
  •         Integrate PageSpeed optimization library

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is one of the well-admired website monitoring and testing tool that provides free website speed test. IT facilitates you with a cost-effective and consistent performance analysis on your website. It lets you monitor the uptime of your website, performance, and collaboration of the website for good user experience.

When you test on Pingdom, Every necessary test is carried out with a real website browser, so the result will suits the end-user experience precisely. It uses lots of examples of the Chrome web browser for loading websites, records the performance data, and many more. The test is carried out from dedicated its own Pingdom server.


  •         Examine every part of your website
  •         Performance overview report
  •         Performance grade and improvement tips
  •         Trace your performance history
  •         Test from various location.
  •         Share your test results

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free tool. It rates your webpage speed. Along with website speed, GTmetrix also determines different ways to enhance your website speed and performance. You can also sign up for the free account on GTmetrix where you can track the history of your report for up to 5 websites. And, the paid plans start from $15/month. If you have a paid plan then you can track additional URL, hourly monitoring of your website performance, PDF reports, and so on.


  •         Summary of main performance indicator
  •         Track performance result with monitoring graphs and alerts
  •         Analyze your page on android device.
  •         Test your page from various devices
  •         You can Save report data
  •         Adblock
  •         Two desktop browsers

4. WebPagetest

WebPagetest is also one of the recognized free SEO tools. This tool shows the load time of your webpage along with various presentation grades. When you click on “Page Speed” after the test, you will get the complete grade result and checklist of some recommended updates required on your website to boost the website speed.


  •         Provides Suggestion for improvement.
  •         Page Speed optimization.
  •         Loading waterfall charts.
  •         You can pick the country name of which you carry out test.
  •         Track the variation of your webpage speed over the world.

5. Website pulse

Website pulse is an independent and remote monitoring website speed testing free tool that allows you to boost the efficiency of your major e-business operation and decrease the risk of the unsuccessful Internet transaction and loss of revenue.


  •         World wide real time website monitoring.
  •         Specific error exposure with triple stage verification process.
  •         Complete customer support.
  •         Multi-user access with specific rights.
  •         Remote hands-on customer request.
  •         Cost-effective.
  •         Easy to use and monitoring the service

6. SEOSiteCheckup

SEOSiteCheckup is also one of the major free SEO tools. It makes your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)life simple. SEO site checkup tool offers easy, professional, and high-quality SEO analysis and major SEO monitoring services for your websites.


  •         Meta tags Analyzer
  •         Instantly analyze SEO problems within your site
  •         Professional SEO monitoring feature
  •         Provide SEO reports
  •         Analyze your competitor’s strategy.

7. YSlow

YSlow is a Free plugin that is used in your web browser to check the performance of any website you explore. This tool may not determine the real load time of the precise website, YSlow tool offers you over 20 different website performance grades along with the suggestion to progress both speeds as well as performance and improvements.


  •         Suggest you to improve your website performance
  •         Show statistics about your webpage
  •         Offer tool for performance analysis for your website
  •         Summarize the web page component.
  •         Grade the website according to test result.

8. Site24×7

With Site24×7 evaluate complete website that includes domain name system ( DNS) time, connection time, First-byte time, complete document, start to render, and full loading time of your website. Through this speed test tool, you can decide to test from above 60 locations worldwide.


  •         Website stat monitoring
  •         Server monitoring
  •         Application monitoring
  •         Network monitoring
  •         User monitoring
  •         File transfer Protocol (FTP) monitoring
  •         Monitor your internal network
  •         WebPage Analyzer
  •         Public status pages


9. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is the Web performance company it is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This tool evaluates the website, server, and application for the availability, speed, and functionality of their global network.

In response to improved demand for complete performance testing services, this company presently upgrading a revolutionary cloud-based load testing platform tool.


  •         It is browser based load time testing of your whole website
  •         Detection of slow elements present on website
  •         Available for Free
  •         Test through any major browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, and mobile web browser
  •         Complete waterfall, chart, and report of your test result
  •         Summary by location
  •         Check error and diagnostic


10. Monitis

Monitis it website testing tool. It tests your website component from different locations: Europe, the United States, and Asia Pacific region concurrently. This is a fast, inbuilt tool accessible from anywhere. you can browse with instant setup resolving your issues.


  •         Setup mechanism is easy.
  •         Website monitoring
  •         Server monitoring
  •         Network monitoring
  •         Application monitoring
  •         Custom monitoring
  •         Application monitoring
  •         Monitoring history
  •         World-class support
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