Advanced SEO secret Guide for beginners in 2023

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Advance SEO secret Guide | How to find Perfect Keywords for SEO?

Hello, guys welcome back to this blog. Today in this article we are going to discuss finding the best keywords for Advance SEO secret Guide. There are many ways to find the best keywords for your website but the most popular and effective way is Google AdWords.

Your first step would be to get logged in to Google AdWords and look for what word google Keyword planning tools give you. After login into this tool now clicks on Tools and Analysis, Then you have to click on search for keywords and get group ideas and now you can enter a few keywords related to your website.

So, in this case, you can put SEO, Social Media, Business and some other keywords related to your website.  If you have more focus on your site or you have a blog post idea in your mind already. Then you want to click on tabs which show keywords idea and the google will show you keywords which is related to your desire.

How to find Perfect Keywords for SEO? Advance SEO secret Guide

So your First step is to make sure that keywords that you are targeting are relating to your website and contents because the more relevant they are, the more people are going to share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google plus etc. because those are your website fans,

The more people link to it because its more related to your website in general and when people visits on your website by researching on these keywords, They are going to be your ideal visitors.

Advance SEO secret Guide
Advance SEO secret Guide

If you are using WordPress, its just domain name followed by feed. Then click GO and that will do its things and already ran it. Basically what this does it shows which you post more are most popular. And this is the great way to see which relevant content performing best and then you can make sure that the content that you have created at this point is focused around keywords that have the best records of performance.

So now what you want to do is find the social media network that’s most important in the industry. So if social media like Facebook is big for your industry, You would want to look at Facebook Likes and Share, and so on for Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter etc..

Now on other hands, if you found from the Blog social analyzer tools that basic introductory topics of social media performance. Well and were relevant to what your website was about and then a keyword like social media definition or what is social media might be a great choice for your website.

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What Next for SEO?

Once you have determined a few keywords that are related, its time to look at search volume because of that basically going to determine how much traffics you are going to get for your website. So, by default Google will show average monthly searches as sort of a mixed bag because on the keywords that you gave it. And they will show you very competitive keywords that have a ton for search volume on Google Search Engine.

So what you want to do is target the long tails in the list and to do just click on average monthly Searches, then just click once and what this does is it shows you the keywords that you don’t want to target for your website because there are not enough search volumes to make it worthwhile.

If you want to post less often or not post as much content, and you want to go for more competitive, higher volume keywords, You can click on this until you find keywords that have adequate volume and make sense for your website. Let’s just say that a keywords, business SEO, makes sense because using Blog social analyzer, You will found that keyword related to business SEO had performed well but you hadn’t targeted that keyword & search volume makes sense, that might be a keyword that you would want to go after.

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