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Functions in C programming Language – Easy explanation

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What is functions in C programming?

C Programming language also support functions like other programming languages. Functions is the set of statements that takes input, perform some operation and produces output.


return_type fun-name(set of inputs)

Why function?

Pointers in C programming Language

Function provides you the flexibility of managing code. I have listed major reasons why we must use functions in c or on any other programming languages.

  • Reusability: You can reuse same code over and over without writing same codes again and again.
  • Abstraction: If you are using the function in your program, then you don’t have to worry about how it works inside. for example scanf() function.
  • Function can divide a large program code into smaller pieces.
  • Function is declared to tell a computer about it’s existence.
  • A function is called in order to be used.
  • Function is defined to get some task done in easy way.

Types of functions in c programming

functions in c programming

a) Library function is the inbuilt functions in C programming language. built-in functions are defined inside header files. For example if we want to use printf() function then we need to include #include<stdio.h> in our program.

b) User Defined Function: User defined functions are created by programmer. We can create functions as per our need.

Basic Structure of function in C programming Language.

int myFunction()
int main()

Program to add two numbers in C programming using function

int sum(int a, int b);
int main()
int a, b, c;
a= 5;
b= 12;
c = sum(a+b);
printf("The sum is: %d",c);
return 0;
int sum(int a, int b)
return a+b;

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