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Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing tools and benefits you need to know in 2023

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Like businesses everywhere, digital marketers are increasingly using personal data such as customer information, location data, web searches, social media activity, emails, and more to gain insights into the interests, behaviors, and offline behaviors of their customers.

Digital marketers understand they have a vital role to play, but how do they measure and measure digital marketing?

The strategic question is not whether marketers should use digital tools, but where they should be focused. As a product manager and digital marketing manager, I found that it makes the most sense to focus on improving the customer experience over broadening digital marketing tools. But it’s important to understand what each tool is and how it can best be used in the marketing mix.

Digital Marketing Tools
Digital Marketing Tools

For product managers, digital marketing tools such as product surveys, social media monitoring, and user testing should be part of your marketing mix to drive incremental, real-time improvements. For marketers, I suggest you focus on leveraging digital marketing tools to improve the customer experience — so digital is a logical option, even when a consumer doesn’t interact with a product.

A digital marketing tool’s benefits can range from improving a marketing workflow (for example, product marketing, and account management teams) to generating new and innovative product strategies, and can even be used to test digital marketing tools against personal behaviors.

Let’s see how digital marketers’ personal information can be used to create an extraordinary customer experience.

Digital Marketing Tools

Here are six digital marketing tools that can help you measure marketing effectiveness:

Bypass These Tools:

Even with the many benefits that digital marketing tools offer, you should restrict the use of digital marketing tools to a strategic (and supervised) program.

Using digital marketing tools for a test-and-learn program is smart, but you should not have access to personal data or customer information.

Online Surveys: Digital marketing tools such as Google Surveys and Azumo have more than 1 million participants each, and help measure marketing effectiveness. By combining these tools with a well-designed digital marketing program, you can use feedback and insights to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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User Testing Tool

You can use this tool to obtain early insights into consumer behavior. Learn what consumers want, where their frustrations are, and where their tools can benefit your product and marketing teams.

More Product Planning

Digital marketing tools can simplify product development by producing data to inform product strategy and determine how to build a more effective product or even improve your customer experience. For example, marketing tools can help product teams identify critical product goals (based on specific business objectives) and measure and quantify how their marketing program contributes to those goals. This can empower product managers and marketing team members to make more informed marketing decisions.

This is especially helpful when the products are more complex and aren’t readily available in the market, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) products.

More Customer Engagement

Digital marketing tools can help to improve customer engagement. Marketers can use digital marketing tools to collect customer data and other signals (such as web search activity, web browsing activities, social media activity, email activity, etc.) to better understand customer interests and the specific experiences and purchases they are seeking. With these insights, digital marketers can focus on creating customer experiences that increase customer loyalty.

If a product team already has a well-established set of marketing campaigns, digital marketing tools can help to increase revenue, too. This helps because digital marketing tools can enable targeted digital to those goals. Digital marketing tools can also provide insight into whether digital marketing strategies are working, based on results and insights.

Digital marketing tools can also help teams develop new product strategies by testing ideas with different marketing programs.

Digital Marketing Tools Provide Platforms For Personalization

Companies are increasingly using digital tools to collect and distribute personalized content and offers. Digital marketing tools are also increasing their adoption and impact on personalization. Digital marketing tools like social media platforms and email marketing enable companies to tailor customer interactions, increase customer loyalty, and increase customer engagement.

These tools give marketers more opportunities to influence customer behavior through personalization. As a product manager, I want my digital marketing team to use digital tools to target specific customer experiences through personalized communications. For example, instead of sending coupons that users may not even have visited your website, I may want to send messages to certain customers that may be interested in the marketing message, while excluding others.

More Data

In addition to improving customer engagement and personalization, digital marketing tools offer more opportunities to analyze data better. When developing product marketing campaigns, for example, digital marketing tools can collect more information about customers’ preferences and behaviors and use that data to suggest specific marketing campaigns to improve a product’s value.

This is important because while marketing has always used data to inform marketing strategies and improve marketing campaigns, we are starting to see digital marketing tools — particularly those that can do analysis on digital marketing data — that are becoming more popular.

Of course, using digital marketing tools to understand a product’s digital customer experience isn’t limited to marketing campaigns, either. Digital marketing tools provide a platform for product marketing teams to collect and analyze data in a way that helps marketers make decisions that are ultimately helpful for the development of new products.

If a product team already has a well-established set of marketing campaigns, digital marketing tools can provide valuable insights into those decisions.

More Product Marketing Strategy Development

Digital marketing tools can also help product marketing teams develop better product marketing strategies. This is important because digital marketing tools provide a platform for product marketing teams to collect and analyze data in a way that helps marketers make decisions that are ultimately helpful for the development of new products.

If product marketing goals (such as optimizing web marketing channels, and targeting specific customer behaviors) and product marketing processes (such as product marketing requirements) already exist, digital marketing tools can help to

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