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7 Best free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

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Hello guys, Today in this article we are going to find out top 7 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress. Contact forms seems very common for every website. Contact form can provide many useful features like Captcha protection, that helps to prevent spam emails.

What is Contact Form Plugins used for

When we think about creating the beautiful contact form for our website, our first concern is always about how user-friendly and adoptiable. Every website owner wants to add contact page for their website so that their visitor or client easily can contact them without any struggle. Using WordPress contact form plugins you can create awesome, wow looking forms without any coding skills. If you also wants to build contact form or any other king of forms and looking for best WordPress contact form plugins, then you came to right place. I have listed Top 7 awesome Contact Form Plugins for WordPress. You can choose any one Contact form plugin from the list.

In my View Contact Form Plugins for WordPress is one of the essentials for every WordPress user. You must one any Contact Form Plugins for WordPress to make any required forms for your website.

6 best WordPress Caching plugins

1. Everest Form

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
Everest Form

If you are looking for easy and reliable contact form maker plugin then you can go with Everest Form. It provides easy and clean interface so that beginner also can use it. It provides Drag and Drop feature to create beautiful forms for your website. This plugin is easy, fast and lightweight and 100% mobile responsive.

Some of the major features of everest forms:

  • Unlimited forms without any restriction
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • 100% responsive
  • Multi email recipient
  • Support shortcode
  • Email Notification
  • Import and export
  • SPAM protection and many more

2. Form Maker by 10web

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
Form Maker by 10web

Form maker is one of the leading form builder plugin for WordPress. You can easily create attractive forms for your WordPress website. If you are looking for a perfect plugin to save your precious time then you can grab this plugin.

Some of the major features of 10Web form maker:

  • Drag and Drop feature.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Available different field types
  • Easy Embedding
  • Pre-built templates available
  • Customizable
  • SPAM protection
  • Can use conditional logics and many more

3. Formidable Form Builder

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
Formidable Form Builder

This plugin has very advanced features. This is one of the best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress. You can create beautiful contact forms, surveys, quizzes any many more by using this plugin.

You can use it to make contact form, registration form, Email marketing, calculator form and many more. The formidable has created most powerful, extendable plugin for WordPress users. We can save our time and complexity by suing this WordPress contact form builder plugin. The forms developed by formidable is fully mobile responsive and compatible with any size devices. Also it has optimized performance and server performance.

4. Ninja Contact Forms

Contact Form Plugins
Ninja Contact Forms

Ninja Contact Forms plugin helps you to create easy and beautiful forms for your website. This plugin is 100% user-friendly even if you are just started your WordPress website. No coding skills required and you can create awesome forms without any knowledge. You can start with pre-built templates to create new forms for you. It also provides Drag and Drop features to make even easier to use this plugin features.

Some of the major features are;

  • Mobile Friendly and responsive.
  • Easy to use and beginner friendly
  • 27+ different field types
  • SEO friendly
  • Customizable templates
  • Dedicated supports!
  • Unlimited form creation and submission
  • SPAM protection and many more.

5. Forminator Contact Form

Contact Form Plugins
Forminator Contact Form

Forminator is easy method to create forms for your website in every situation. You can built feedback form, contact form, interactive polls (live result), email marketing, quiz, feedback widgets and many more. Forminator is magical plugin with easy drag and drop feature, easy setup and add forms in your website.

Some of the major features of Forminator:

  • Gutenberg block
  • email-routing
  • User post submission
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Import contact form 7 data
  • Login and Registration form
  • Multiple file uploading fields
  • E-signature form (pro)
  • and many more

6. Contact Form 7

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most popular plugin for making forms for wordpress website. Using this plugin you can create multiple forms, spam filter, CAPTCHA protection and so on. It has 5 million+ active installations and it releases new updates frequently.

7. weForms

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

weForms is one of the popular and easy to use form builder plugin for WordPress website. This plugin is not just only form builder for your website. It has more features beyond your imagination. You can create superb forms, hassle-free in few clicks. It also supports Drag and Drop feature. It provides more than 20 custom fields, you can swiftly create any type of forms.

This plugin is super fast, minimal interface, user-friendly. This plugin works on every single page of your website.

Some of the key features of weForms:

  • Unlimited form creation
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Live preview
  • Form expiry time
  • Form entry restriction
  • One page submission
  • Form redirection
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive forms
  • Email submission date.
  • SPAM protection
  • Support Slack Integration
  • And many more

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