Factorial using C programming

C program to find factorial of user given number – C programming guide

C program to find factorial of user given number – for beginner

C program to find factorial | Let’s assume, Factorial of a positive number ‘n’ given by user

factorial of n(n!) = 1 *  2 * 3 * ……. upto Nth number.

Factorial of negative number is not possible. In simple word it doesn’t exists. ok lets start our program:

Find factorial of a user given number using C language.

#include <conio.h>
 int num, i, fact=1;
 printf("Enter a number");
  fact = fact*i;
 printf("Factorial of %d is %d", num,fact);

Ascending and Descending order using C programming language

C program to find factorial of given number

void getFactorial(int,int *); //function
int main(){
 int i,factorial,n;
 printf("Enter a number: ");
 printf("Factorial of %d is: %d",n,*factorial);
 return 0;
void getFactorial(int n,int *factorial){
 int i;
 *factorial =1;

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